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September 07 2008

Warum wollen uns die immer Angst machen? Angst vor Schwulen, vor Minaretten, vor den Frauen, vor der EU.
Die FPÖ ist die Partei der ängstlichen Männer.
Alexander van der Bellen
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September 06 2008


Automatic renewing at libraries using the aleph software (tested with Vienna University of Technology and University of Vienna)

Since I use the libraries of universities quite heavily I wrote a small perl script “” about two years ago which does the renewing of books for me.

The reason for writing it was that I gain an advantage (to other people using the library) when I renew every day (if there are reservations on the book one with the oldest renewing date has to bring it back - at least as far as I understand the behaviour of the Aleph software).

The help should be self explaining:

Usage: ./ [-h] [-q] -b <baseurl> -u <username> -p <password> [-r <seconds>]

-h    : this help message
-q    : quiet (suppress success message)
-b    : baseurl without trailing slash (eg.
-u    : username (eg. $E123456) - you will probably need to escape the “$”
-p    : password - your date of birth in the form of YYYYMMDD (eg. 19730425)
if you did not change it
-r    : wait random time between 1 and “seconds” seconds (before starting and
1 to 30 seconds between the requests - so it does not look like a script)

./ -q -b -u \$E123456 -p 19730425 -r 3600
./ -b -u \$E098765 -p 19851224

A crontab entry may look like this:
0 0 * * 2-6 /path/to/ -q -b -u \$E3862419 -p 0wN4g3 -r 7200

It’s tested with the libraries of the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna but should work with any other library using the Aleph software.

It is released under the terms of the GPLv2.

I do appreciate your feedback!


History Hacker - My TV Show Pilot on The History Channel on September 26th at 9PM!

On the set of History Hacker

I’m really excited.  I just found out that my TV show pilot, called History Hacker is going to air on the History Channel on Friday, September 26th at 9PM. This photograph, which is also the current header of my blog was shot during filming of the show. I’m on set in my infinity workshop and that’s a decent sized Tesla coil.

Over the course of the show I learn about the inventors and inventions of the past and then hack the inventions together out of stuff in my closet.

Tesla - Just chilling with a lot of electricity flying around.

Tesla - Just chilling with a lot of electricity flying around.

The first pilot episode is all about Nikola Tesla who is an amazing character. He’s the man responsible for the current that comes out of your wall sockets. He battled Thomas Edison in the war of currents and won.  He had over 300 patents and besides figuring out AC power, he came up with radio control and mucked about with electricity more than anybody.

Generating enough power to light up a neon tube.

In the show, I blow a glass tube from molten silica with Kevin at Scanlan Glass and then fill it neon gas with Dave of Tecnolux. I made an AC generator with my pal Raphael of NYCResistor. It got enough pedal power going to power a neon tube!
Space Lab at MIT during History Hacker Shoot

I visited a space lab at MIT to check out what they are doing with some of Tesla’s principles and inventions.

On set of the History Hacker's Infinity Workshop

Besides being a lot of fun to make the show, i’m really satisfied with the look of the show.  The director J.P. Balas and director of photography Scott Carrithers basically took my jumpcut style of making videos and pushed it forward into territory that traditional tv shows have never seen before.  The look of the show is freaking awesome and the design principles that went into it make for a really fresh look. When folks are couch surfing, I predict they’ll have to stop and watch this show because it just looks that different.

I’m really excited that my show will be airing, but I’m a bit nervous because the show basically will live or die based on Nielsen ratings. Nielsen is a company that tries to figure out how many people are watching a show and if they like it. They do this by compiling numbers from Tivo, installing Nielsen “go-boxes” in some family homes which document viewing habits, and choosing some households to document their tv views in a little journal. If Nielsen gives a good report, it’s more likely that the show will go to season and I’ll get to make more.

So here’s where you come in. Please watch it! If you don’t watch it, it may be the only one in the series. Have friends watch it too, especially if they have a Tivo! Watching it and getting other folks to watch it will really help this fun, educational, and wonderful show get off the ground!

Here’s what to put on your calendar or program into your Tivo.

History Hacker
Friday, September 26, 2008
The History Channel

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September 03 2008


Es ist nicht alles Chrome, was glänzt.

Schade eigentlich. Das Google Chrome Comic hätte ansich viel versprechend geklungen. Vielleicht wirds ja noch was.. (:

Google Earth

I experienced Google Earth being really slow after updating it to version 4.3. Disabling atmosphere in the view menu made it work again.



"Earthlings" ist eine Dokumentation in Spielfilmlänge über die absolute Abhängigkeit der Menschheit von Tieren (als Haustiere, Nahrung, Kleidung, zur Unterhaltung und in der wissenschaftlichen Forschung), veranschaulicht aber auch unsere Geringschätzung gegenüber diesen sog. "nicht-menschlichen Versorgern". Sprecher des Films ist der Oscar-nominierte Joaquin Phoenix ("Gladiator"), die Filmmusik schrieb der mit Platin ausgezeichnete Künstler Moby.  Der Film bietet detaillierte Einblicke in Tierhandlungen, Welpen-Fabriken und Tierheime sowie Massentierhaltungen, den Leder- und Pelzhandel, die Sport- und Unterhaltungsindustrie und schließlich den medizinischen und wissenschaftlichen Beruf. "Earthlings" verwendet versteckte Kameras und vorher nicht gezeigtes Filmmaterial, um die täglichen Praktiken einiger der größten Industrien der Welt aufzuzeichnen, deren aller Profit vollständig auf Tieren beruht. Kraftvoll, informativ und zum Nachdenken anregend, ist "Earthlings" mit Abstand die umfassendste jemals produzierte Dokumentation zum Verhältnis zwischen Natur, Tieren und menschlichen Wirtschaftsinteressen. Es existieren viele würdige Tierrechtsfilme, aber dieser Film geht über das Bisherige hinaus. "Earthlings" schreit danach, gesehen zu werden. Höchst empfehlenswert!
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August 31 2008


August 28 2008


Why are plants green and not, say, red?

I've been somewhat obsessed with this question the last few days, and being offline had no way of getting a quick answer. The connection with the sun's spectrum is obvious, but why should plants waste all those awesome green photons? 

Here's the answer:

The energy spectrum of sunlight at Earth’s surface peaks in the blue-green, so scientists have long scratched their heads about why plants reflect green, thereby wasting what appears to be the best available light. The answer is that photosynthesis does not depend on the total amount of light energy but on the energy per photon and the number of photons that make up the light.

Whereas blue photons carry more energy than red ones, the sun emits more of the red kind. Plants use blue photons for their quality and red photons for their quantity. The green photons that lie in between have neither the energy nor the numbers, so plants have adapted to absorb fewer of them.

The World is Just Awesome.
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[...] I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. [...] I'm going to show them a world [...]. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. [...]
— @ra - Not Astral Projection, but Neo (Matrix)

I knew that sounded familiar... The song ("Anything is possible") is very hope- and powerful, though.

August 24 2008


August 18 2008


Astral Projection - Anything is possible

I don't know the future.
I didn't come here to tell you
how this is going to end.
I'm going to show the world.
A world without rules and controls.
A world without borders and boundries.
I don't know the future.
I didn't come here to tell you
how this is going to end.

I'm going to tell you how this is going to begin.

A world where anything is possible... anything is possible... anything is possible

August 17 2008


August 15 2008

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Pigor & Eichhorn - Nieder mit I.T. (live)

August 14 2008

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